The linear forms, bold luminescent colors, and whimsical designs of my artwork exemplify the ancient symbols and culture of the aboriginal peoples of North and South America, Africa, and Australia. These cultural influences inspire me to create paintings brilliantly rich in color with an eclectic surreal and whimsical presence. Vibrant colors and fine details with ink are intended to cause the viewer to take pause, to study the rich scenes and reflect on my artwork.

I use wood and tiles found at garage sales or thrift stores as my canvas. Lazy-susans can become usable pieces of art and old cheese boards may become intricately patterned African masks. I use acrylic paints and ink to create images of southwest America, African masks, amusing fanciful fish, and the intricate artwork and details of ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs and sarcophagus.

Artist’s Biography

Gary Cunningham has exhibited his work at the Blue Pony Gallery and the Leaf and Bean in Bozeman. He was chosen to participate in the Sweet Pea juried art show in August 2000.

He was born in Wennatchee, Washington. He received a B. S. & M.A. in Elementary Education from MSU/MSU Billings and has been teaching 2nd Grade for 24 years in Bozeman.